How to scape the daily routine, by hiking.

To escape the daily routine, you need a friend who is into hiking. And invites you to join her training. I accepted the invitation. I get to visit Ernest Debs Regional Park for the first time. And I also get to complete my secret mission once we reach the top.

I first came in contact with “The Alchemist” before transferring to Cal State LA. Ever since then it has become an insightful book in my journey; obtaining my bachelor’s degree. It’s been helpful for its motivational and eye-opening messages from listening to our hearts to following our dreams. Here is an anecdote on how I presented Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” to my speech 101 class.

I was outside the building rehearsing. I kept forgetting my script and kept getting nervous. I was considering skipping the presentation and retake the course next semester. …

What I learned from Senior Design Project.

This blog is inspired by the prompt I was given in my Senior Design Project. The prompt is the following. Discuss what you learned while working on your project, how you learned it, and what you learn about learning.

My project for senior design is called Jovian Extension. This project consists extending Jupyter Notebook and Jupyter Lab, with five modules that interact with our sponsor’s website I came into this project only knowing Java, CSS, and HTML. In order to extend Jupyter Notebook we had to learn Javascript and to extend Jupyter Lab, TypeScript.

Our sponsor provided us with…

Short collection of poems, I’ve written.

One person I only send this to.
For you are unlike any other.
Every candy won’t ever be as sweet as you.
Lollipop, gum, Ofelia, chocolate, cake, and marshmallow.
In that list you are the only one that make my days mellow.
At this very moment I wish I could be next to you and say hello.

I looked for a word to describe you.
“clumsy,” you drop things and break things.
The other day you dropped a beautiful smile.
That it moved my ground.
In the process my heart was knocked down.
I can’t find it now. It ran…

I found a new source of friendship, it’s Zumba!

My first Zumba class at Cal State LA was in the Xtream Fitness Center. I was nervous because every instructor has their own set of songs and rhythms to dance along. The instructor walks in with lots of energy and a big smile on her face. That smile gave me the confidence to say “I can do this!” I manage to stay until the end of the class even though I ran out of air pretty quick. It was fun, Latin music and new dance moves made my day. …

Video Game Blog

Before taking Game Programming, I didn’t know much about it. The only thing that I remember was that Game Developers use two monitors to built their games. And I was like “really?”

The semester began and it was time to form teams of three students. I didn’t know anyone from this class, so I got to work with new friends. In our Zoom meetings, after Dr. Krum was done with lecture or giving us updates about the latest technologies, he gave all teams breakout rooms to work on their game projects. …

Leonardo Ramirez

Hello I’m a software engineer and I enjoy writting.

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