My First Blog

What I learned from Senior Design Project.

This blog is inspired by the prompt I was given, in my Senior Design Project. The prompt is the following. Discuss what you learned while working on your project, how you learned it, and what you learn about learning.

My project for senior design is called Jovian Extension. This project consists of extending Jupyter Notebook and Jupyter Lab, with five modules that interact with our sponsor’s website I came into this project only knowing Java, CSS, and HTML. In order to build the modules we had to learn new programming languages.

Our sponsor provided us with tutorials for Javascript, TypeScript, and Python. These tutorials and resources were helpful because it helped me get familiar with these new languages. When I came across advanced concepts or bugs, I asked my group members for help and we solved those challenges together. I also learned that communication in a team is the most important resource.

What I learned from learning, is that the most effective way to learn is to apply your knowledge. By watching Youtube Tutorials or going through textbooks is not enough. One has to apply the concepts and see its functionality. Once I got familiar with the new technologies I began to help build the modules. The more I learned and applied my knowledge the more confidence I felt.

I also learned that one can easily underestimate one’s capacity to learn new things. In the past when I wanted to learn CSS or Bootstrap. I went online to look for resources for both. I came across blogs where people discuss which one was better to learn first. Some people suggested mastering CSS first and then Bootstrap. Others suggested otherwise.

This project has taught me that sometimes you have to learn more than one language at the same time. And that it is possible to do so. It is not necessary to master a new language in order to use it. We have the ability to create as we learn along. Now our Senior Design Project is over and it was a success.



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