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Before taking Game Programming, I didn’t know much about it. The only thing that I remember was that Game Developers use two monitors to built their games. And I was like “really?”

The semester began and it was time to form teams of three students. I didn’t know anyone from this class, so I got to work with new friends. In our Zoom meetings, after Dr. Krum was done with lecture or giving us updates about the latest technologies, he gave all teams breakout rooms to work on their game projects. These sessions were useful because most of our main ideas came from these breakout activities.

For Game Story we had many ideas. We drew inspiration from Toy Story’s design and Call of Duty: Zombies for its shooting and melee features. After removing some ideas and adding new ones, we have our story. The story is about Teddy and his friends living peacefully in Toy Realm. Until one day, toys go missing. After Teddy finds out that the Evil Robot is responsible, he decides to adventure outside Toy Realm and rescue his friends.

In the Gameplay, Teddy will save a friend for every level he completes. In addition, every rescue friend will provide Teddy with an item that will assist him. Every level consists of multiple task that Teddy must complete in order to advance to the next one. These tasks consist, from destroying a number of enemies, solving puzzles, or getting out of a maze. Power ups will also be scatter all through out the Realms.

After our Game Design Document was complete, it was time to implement our ideas. The engine used for this game is Unity. When I open Unity, I was a bit scare because, to learn Unity and C# for the first time, looks challenging. After I follow the tutorials and resources that Dr. Krum provides us, Unity turn out, not to be difficult at all. And we started making things come to life. C# was easy to work with. The language feels intuitive, just like Python.

As we progress in building our game, I realize that you don’t need two monitors to work with, you need three. One monitor for the whole Unity window. The second monitor for your code scripts, and finally for your resources such as StackOverflow, Youtube tutorials, or Google. It was painful to constantly switch between windows.

The semester is practically over, we release our beta already, it consist of one level. And I’m happy with what we have accomplish. In my conclusion, this class has changed my perspective on Game Development. Before taking this class, I didn’t see Game Development as an option. Now, I can’t wait to start creating and share with friends. I have also learned that the best way to learn coding is through building games, because it is easier to visualize how code works and one can see its application right away. I want to share the Game Trailer we made for Teddy, hope you enjoy.

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